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To get MAHAPRASAD(Khaja Maha Bhog & Magaji ladu) from ANANDA BAZAR , PURI JAGANNATH TEMPLE delivered at your doorsteps.

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MahaPrasad Description

We use a blend of traditional and modern style of packaging which has the Mahaprasad packed in sealed silver pouch which makes it air tight and moisture proof so that The Mahaprasad reaches you really fresh . The sealed silver pouch is kept inside a traditional talapatra bhogei (woven palm leaf box) . The bhogei is further kept inside a hard box made of corrugated fiberboard material for safe transportation :

The package consist of:

  • Mahaprasad(Khaja Maha Bhog & Magaji ladu)
  • Nirmalya
  • Sacred Tulsi leaves
  • Photo of Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra

According to the Skanda Purana, Mahaprasad is treated as ‘Anna Brahma’ whereby Lord Jagannath redeems His devotees by permitting them to partake from the Mahaprasad. The massive temple kitchen prepares the Mahaprasad in voluminous quantities through a unique steaming process in earthen pots, kept on above the other.
Offerings generally include varieties of cooked rice, daal, soups, stews, rice, kiccharis, and vegetables, sweet-dishes and cakes all made from standard ingredients that remained constant for two thousand years. The ingredients must be local, organic, and native to the area. Meanwhile, dry confectionaries are prepared out of sugar, jaggery, wheat flour, ghee, milk, etc.
As the belief goes, the divine flavour is imparted to the Mahaprasad only after the offerings are blessed by Lord Jagannath and Goddess Bimala. It is then carried to Anand Bazar to be sold to lakhs of devotees on a single day.
Cooked through scientific methods the Mahaprasad does not spoil easily and can be safely retained for a long period in the earthen pots. While tourists prefer to carry the dry confectionaries(Khaja Maha Bhog) that stay fresh for days together, residents of Puri and nearby places rely on serving Mahaprasad to their guests during auspicious social functions.
So the next time, you desire to take a bite of the blissful taste of the famous Mahaprasad(Khaja Maha Bhog), doesn’t matter where you are, you surely know where to find it. With fast delivery period of 7-9 days from the date of booking, we let you relish the MAHAPRASAD(Khaja Maha Bhog) ‘fresh and crisp’ till 10 days after the delivery.



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